Resources and Community for Physician Families at the Moments that Matter Most

Medical moves without family, friends, and a sense of community can feel lonely and isolating.

It shouldn’t feel that way.

We're here to help.

"I only wish this great resource had been available sooner in my family's medical journey."​ - Erica S., Physician Spouse

A Community That Understands

It’s incredibly difficult to find others who truly understand the hardships, challenges, and transitions physician families face through medical education and beyond. 

Whether for a big residency move, fellowship, or even if your family has finished training, we connect you with others in your area who are on a similar journey so you can find much-needed friendship, community, and understanding.


Genuine Connection

It’s common to have hundreds of “friends” through large social media platforms, but how many of those friends result in true, genuine connections? 

Our exclusive platform gives you the right tools to find the type of support, friendships, and community you’ve been looking for, both locally and online. 

Family Focused Program Information

Researching medical programs is a stressful family affair. Important information about the program’s surrounding community is rarely available online, sending families on an exhausting search for answers to crucial questions like, “where will we live?” or “where will the kids go to school?”

We provide resources and information designed to help the entire family evaluate medical programs based on more than just the education itself, so you can smoothly transition throughout your entire medical journey.

One Stop Shop

From hundreds of websites, Facebook groups, and meet-up applications to scattered location and community information, trying to find the right friendships, support, and resources as a physician spouse is nearly impossible.

Our resources are curated for the physician’s family. We want you to thrive, not just survive, by providing as much information as possible in one central location to benefit you throughout your family’s program selection and medical education journey. 


Easy To Use

Connection and community made simple through an intuitive and easy-to-use application, conveniently accessible via mobile and/or desktop.

We offer the quickest and easiest way to find what you need, when you need it – whether it’s program-related, community-building, support resources, or genuine friendship.

It’s all for free. 

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