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The MedCommons is on a mission to connect medspouses and partners with each other, resources and medical programs to build a community of friendship, support and understanding for physician families. 

Our members enjoy exclusive, online access to a community that encourages and supports physician families while providing the resources they need to thrive, not just survive, through their family’s medical program selection and medical education journey.  

We also help medical programs connect with physician families worldwide through their own brandable, editable medical showcase pages.

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 Join us in building a thriving community!   

We make the medical journey easier on physician families

The MedCommons member experience is powered by integrated technology that includes the ability to find & connect with other medspouses & partners within their local community, easily access  relevant blogs & podcasts and discover a growing list of close to 100 groups that specifically support this audience. 
This, as well as partnering with medical programs via their showcase pages, is the first platform to close the gap in physician family support as a “one-stop-shop” for physician family resources and community.

Medspouse made

The MedCommons platform was founded by Elizabeth Landry, a physician spouse with a background in technology & business development. It was conceived with the desire to empower medspouses & partners to create their own community of friendship, understanding & support.
 We’ve also vetted some of the most experienced medspouses & partners in our community to share their expertise & knowledge with our next generation of physician families.

Happy family, healthy hearts

Between leaving behind family and friends for a new community they know little about, with partners training over 80 hours/week, it’s no wonder that medspouses and partners feel alone and unsupported during the medical training process. 
Studies have shown that mental and physical wellness go hand-in-hand, so it’s hard to consider a physician wellness plan complete without looking at the physician family as a whole. 
Our goal is to provide medspouses and partners an unobstructed opportunity to feel a sense of community and understanding so they’re happy, healthy and fueled with the support they need to help their spouse/partner get through the tough times in their medical journey. 
Here’s to happy & healthy homes!

We're Listening

Just a few reasons that inspire us to build this platform.

"My spouse's residency is just so lonely for me. I’m having a hard time meeting friends."
Anonymous, Medspouse

"I wish my mother had this when I was younger [traveling so much]!"
Christina, Daughter of MD

"It's nerve wracking to think about moving somewhere that I don't know much about!! Having an inside scoop on school districts would remove so much stress"
Madeline, Medspouse

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