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Designed for Physician Families

Welcome to The MedCommons

The MedCommons provides resources and community for physician families as they navigate the unique challenges of supporting a loved one with a medical career.

As a physician spouse for more than 20 years myself, I know how tough this journey can be.

I created this community because I want physician families today to have a better experience as they go through medical school, training and beyond.

I felt particularly drawn to find a way to better support spouses and partners of medical residents, a time when people frequently report feeling the most lonely and isolated. After all, it’s tough moving somewhere new, where the only person you know works 80 hours a week.

Specialized life coaching for physician spouses can ease the transition, but residents and their partners often can’t afford to access it.

Here at The MedCommons, you’ll find a safe, inclusive space with the support and community you need as a physician spouse, including information and resources to navigate key decisions around:

I’m proud to have cultivated a community where my fellow physicians’ spouses and partners feel heard by a community that understands.

Here’s to happy, healthy, and supportive homes!

Elizabeth Landry Founder, The MedCommons
Elizabeth Landry

– Founder of The MedCommons

Connect With People Who Understand

Medical moves without friends, family and a sense of community can be lonely and isolating. It shouldn’t feel that way. We’re here to help. We’ve built a way for you to connect with a community of physician spouses who know from experience that ​​residencies and fellowships are emotional and exhausting times. Quickly develop much-needed friendships to provide the comprehensive support you need.