Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this platform for?

Our mission is to support spouses and partners of residents, fellows and physicians who have finished training in the United States. 

Are you from outside the US? Be sure to follow us as we continue to grow and spread the love!

Is there a cost to become a member?

No way! Membership is free for medspouses and partners of physicians!

Why is an NPI required?

We appreciate the desire for a secure place to find friendship, understanding and support. We offer this platform exclusively to medspouses and partners. Their spouse’s/partner’s NPI number helps us add a layer of protection to prevent non-medspouses/partners from joining this platform. The NPI number is simply used for verification, to ensure no duplicates and nothing more.   

What is an NPI number?

The NPI (National Provider Identifier) Number is a 10-digit numerical identifier used to identify an individual provider or a health care entity. NPI numbers are assigned to US physicians. 

What do I do if my spouse/partner is in med school?

We love you just as much! Stay tuned as we develop this segment of our platform. We’ll let everyone know when med school memberships are available.

What other questions do you have? Ask us here!

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