Guide: Financial Planning For Medical Residents

financial planning for residency

Guide: Financial Planning For Medical Residents

Finances during residency can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. We’ve composed a simple, yet comprehensive financial planning guide for medical residents (and their family) which takes into account the unique residency experience, while looking ahead to the attending years.

What makes our financial planning during medical residency guide different from others? We realize there are a million other things going on during residency, especially when there’s family involved. Tackling student loan debt only adds to the stress. We also know that not everyone is a financial guru. To make things simpler, we’ve broken it down to six important things you need to think about when trying to plan your finances during medical residency. Want to dive a bit deeper? We’ve also included links to valuable resources to help you make decisions that work for you.


  • How to control where your money goes to reach your personal goals
  • Options for student loan debt repayment and consumer debt
  • The mindset and strategies of saving for large expenses and the unexpected
  • Your options for doing taxes and potential deductions for residents
  • The importance of insurance, early retirement contributions, and how to make it all happen on a resident’s budget