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10 Great Gifts For New Doctors

If you’re like us, sometimes you find yourself stumped, trying to find the right gift for the medical resident in your life. We go through the year, seeing great present ideas here and there, but we never seem to write down or remember what those great gift ideas were! Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve assembled a list of 10 great gifts for new doctors, priced lowest to highest.

Compression Socks 


Long hours in the operating room can take a toll on muscles and cause leg & foot swelling. It can also cause health issues such as swelling, back pain, varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency. Many doctors opt for compression stockings to help combat the problems before they start. 

Some brands that have cult followings, such as Rogue and Vim & Vigr (which are super stylish), tend to be more expensive. Fear not! You will find compression stockings for around $15 easily on Amazon or even at your local Costco. 

Sound Machine 


If you have kids in the house or live on a busy street, then a sound machine is an absolute “must” gift for new doctors. For a mere $20, you won’t just be giving a physical gift, you’ll be giving the gift of better, more sound sleep which translates to improved physician wellness. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. 



The ROSCBox is a curated box service that is crafted by folks who want to provide snacks, support, encouragement & resources to physicians. This makes this subscription box a great present for medical residents! Most boxes contain some sweet/salty snacks, swag and monthly wellness challenges. Purchase one box or a monthly subscription if you want to really lift someone’s spirits!  



Much like bidets, loupes are something you don’t know you need until you use them. They’re a lifesaver in the ER, used to help doctors with nose bleeds and getting small things out of small crevices. 

You can find nice loupes on Amazon for a great price. Recommended focal length when buying is 2.5x420mm. Be sure to put the gift recipient’s name on the loupes because all ER doctors will be borrowing them once they find out how great they are! 



Gone are the days when doctors have to walk around the hospital in blue, frumpy scrubs. Stylish options reign with scrub-sets from companies like Figs and Grey’s Anatomy. Make your gift a bit more personal by adding their name to the pocket of their scrub top. If you’re not sure whether or not to include their first name in the personalization, leave it out to be safe. Some doctors don’t like to include their first name on scrubs.

The Essentials Suture Kit 


Years of medical school prepared them for this moment: a loved one with a minor laceration. 

Why not gift the supplies they need to show off their mad suturing skills with The Essentials Suture Kit from This kit comes with everything an up-and-coming medical resident needs to sew up a laceration safely and effectively. 

Already have a suture kit? There are plenty of other options available on this site. They have hydration supplies (you know, for those who had a rough night and need some fluids) and even smaller items for the new doctor in your life. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones 


Silence is golden… and so are noise cancelling headphones when you’re studying for tests in residency and medical school. 

If you’re on a budget, you’ll find generic versions on Amazon for around $100. Be sure to read the reviews carefully on any generic brands you’re researching because the purpose is to give the gift of silence… if they’re not noise cancelling then the purpose is probably defeated. Of course, maybe you want to opt for quality brand name versions like Bose, of which will likely run upward of $350. Guaranteed quality and noise cancelling type features, though.

Patagonia Better Sweater 


If you think the new doctor in your life may run cold, then Patagonia Better Sweaters are THE hot item when it comes to hospital fashion. We’re not sure how or when this trend started, but they really are a ‘healthcare worker thing’… and we’re here for it. 

Solo Stove 


Enjoying a relaxing evening outside the hospital doesn’t get better than this. Solo Stoves let you enjoy the time gathering around a campfire without inhaling smoke or smelling like smoke when you walk away. From purely firepits (for the backyard enthusiast) to grills (for the chef) and camp stoves (for the outdoorsman), you’re sure to find one of their products that appeals to the resident in your life. 

Add a bottle of wine or some S’mores ingredients with the fire tool accessory to really take this gift to the next level.


$1300 +$39/mo

80+ hours a week in training wears on both mind and body. It also leaves very little time for a medical resident to do much more than eat and sleep, much less take the time to drive somewhere to exercise. 

Because of the investment, both initial and ongoing, The Mirror is probably something more for family members to gift a loved one. If you’re looking for a gift that will truly improve someone’s life, though, then this is it.  

The Mirror offers: 

  • A variety of both live and recorded classes added daily
  • Over 16 exercise categories including cardio, strength, stretch, toning & meditation
  • At least 15 different instructors, all with fun personalities
  • 5 skill levels, ranging from beginner to expert
  • Apple fitness integration & activity tracking

We have personal experience with the physical and mental health benefits from The Mirror. I’ve consistently heard my physician husband commenting about how happy he is that he exercised before work and how much better he feels at work after he’s exercised using The Mirror. It’s definitely been a game changer in our house, especially during Covid.

That’s a ‘wrap’ on our top 10 great gifts for new doctors. 

Remember, it doesn’t matter if your gift is $15 or $1500. The most valuable gift you can give a medical resident is the gift of support and encouragement. A simple note, a tighter hug, or a phone call to let them know you’re thinking about them goes a long way. You never know what cases they’ve encountered in the hospital. Your simple gesture might just help get them through a tough day.

  • Elizabeth is a Physician family advocate, Certified Life Coach for Physician Wives, EM wife of 20+ years, mother, and founder of The MedCommons – a marriage between her tech/business dev background and passion for helping physician families.

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