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TMC Spotlight: Zoe Cangas, Moving Medicine Partners

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Zoe Cangas, Founder of Moving Medicine Partners, to discuss her business and how her team of real estate partners caters to physicians. A few years back, she made the decision to concentrate exclusively on serving the particular needs of the physician community, and we couldn’t be happier. Zoe is a mother of three who adores St. Louis and happens to be married to a pediatrician (which comes in handy when raising three children).

Tell us about Moving Medicine Partners and who you serve. 

Moving Medicine Partners is a national group of licensed real estate agents who are also married to, or partners of, physicians. We focus on serving the medical community with their real estate needs across the county. 

Our vision is to be the most trusted source for real estate needs for doctors interested in buying, selling, renting, or relocating. 

What can a physician family expect when they work with Moving Medicine Partners? 

The process is quite easy. A physician or their spouse/partner can be connected with their agent in a few ways. They can:

  1. Call us directly. We’d love to chat. 
  2. Complete the request form on our website.
  3. Go directly to our site, find the agent located in the area you’re interested in, then contact them directly. 

If you call or complete the request form, you’ll hear from us on the same business day. We typically include both you and your matched agent in an email so there is zero delay in connecting.

Once you connect with your agent, they start the process of getting to know you and your needs as best as possible. Your agent will obtain very specific details about what you need and where you need it. If you need professional advice regarding rent vs. buy, we will get you in touch with an advisor. If you need physician lender recommendations, we’re prepared with several options. If you are interviewing and negotiating for a position, we will get you in touch with a contract attorney AND we will provide a community tour to help familiarize you with your community.

We want to be your ally and resource for everything you may need in your new location. We understand you’re busy and overwhelmed, and we want to help lessen that burden for you.

It’s also important to note that we work with physician families in every stage of training and career. Whether it’s fresh out of medical school or moving for a dream job, we can help.

Your business model includes employing solely physician spouses/partners. How does this work and who should reach out to you?

At the core of Moving Medicine Partners are the real estate agents themselves. Each of these vetted agents has three things in common. They’re all licensed realtors, married to an MD or DO, and are high-producing agents in their territories. Our goal is to ensure our referred agents have not only a personal understanding of our clients’ experiences, but also the professional experience necessary to ensure they’re taken care of at the highest level. 

If you are a physician spouse or partner who is also a licensed real estate agent, please reach out to us if you’re interested in being a partner. Registration is open in January and July and we’re always looking for qualified agents throughout the country.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give a newly matched med school family looking for a place to settle during residency?

I have a few. 

  1. Your home during residency is not your forever home. This is your home for a few years. While you don’t want to live in a dilapidated shack, you also don’t need a fully renovated house either. You don’t want to overbid (renting or buying) on a trendy house. Focus on the homes with good bones. 
  2. Also, trust your Realtor for real estate advice. Your parents and friends will have opinions, but your agent knows your market. They will be upfront and give you sound advice on pricing and value.  
  3. Finally, ask your peers about your new city and community. Realtors are limited in what they can say about neighborhoods and where a person should live. I always try to send an area guide, a crime map of the area, and a data chart consisting of self reported neighborhood data compiled from 100s of previous residents to my clients. I  tell them to do a bit of research on their own. In the end, some of the best people to recommend neighborhoods with short commutes, affordability, walkability, or whatever your priorities, are those that have come before you!

You can find more information on Moving Medicine Partners on their website or on Instagram

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    Elizabeth is a Physician family advocate, Certified Life Coach for Physician Wives, EM wife of 20+ years, mother, and founder of The MedCommons – a marriage between her tech/business dev background and passion for helping physician families.

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