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7 Tips for Funding Your Side Business  

Physicians pour their hearts, souls, and long hours into training, caring for their patients, and pursuing fulfilling careers. At the same time, spouses and partners pour their hearts and souls into supporting their loved one’s dreams. In order to survive their medical journey together, both must be resilient, passionate, self motivated, and adaptable. 

Because of this, it’s no wonder that both physicians and their spouses might possess an entrepreneurial spirit, overflowing with great business ideas that exist outside of their practices and their homes. Their earning power, creativity, networking and hard work combine in a perfect recipe for new business or side gig success. Not to mention, the satisfaction of creating something meaningful, overcoming challenges, and having the autonomy to shape your own path can bring a deep sense of personal fulfillment and purpose.

If you are a physician, or the spouse of one, looking to fund a new business venture or side gig, here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Analyze your personal and household expenses: 
    • What’s necessary and where can you cut back? 
    • Reduce overall expenditure so that you can have more funds to invest in your new business venture or side gig.
  2. Consider physician-specific financial circumstances: 
    • Do you have any large expenses on the horizon for your practice? 
    • Will you or your spouse need to relocate anytime soon? 
    • Is there equipment or staffing needs that will soon need to be addressed? 
    • Considering these financial nuances can affect the timing of launching a new business venture.
  3. Seek low-interest loans that cater to physicians: 
    • Research physician-friendly loan options that offer favorable terms and low-interest rates for individuals starting small businesses or side gigs. 
    • Personal loans, in particular, are designed for entrepreneurs who need smaller loan amounts. 
  4. Utilize credit cards in a positive way: 
    • Credit cards can actually provide a lot of benefits to small business owners and contractors if they are used strategically.  
    • Look for credit cards with favorable rewards programs or cashback offers that align with your business expenses. 
  5. Investigate potential grants or subsidies: 
    • Put in some research time on grants, subsidies, or funding programs that help entrepreneurs or individuals working from home. 
    • Government agencies, nonprofit organizations, or industry associations may offer financial assistance or resources to help you establish or grow your business.
  6. Start small and reinvest profits: 
    • Instead of seeking external funding, consider starting your work-from-home job or side gig on a smaller scale. 
    • Begin by reinvesting the profits generated from your venture to further develop and expand your business. This approach allows you to gradually grow while minimizing financial risks.
  7. Network to expand your reach: 
    • Networking is critical to any successful entrepreneurship venture. 
    • Go to conferences, become part of professional and local business organizations, and look for ways to partner with like minded businesses. 
    • By leveraging collective expertise and pooling resources, you can maximize your funding opportunities and minimize expenses.

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If you’re lucky enough to be gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit, you’re no stranger to understanding the effort it takes to start your own venture. You also know your idea for a new business or side gig is just the start; it takes strategic financial planning to execute and make it successful. Taking these 7 financial tips into consideration will lay the groundwork for your journey to entrepreneurial growth and achievement. 

What great business idea will you have next?

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